Flagstar Bank has a 30-year tradition of investing in its communities. To focus and formalize its charitable giving, the bank has established the Flagstar Foundation as the conduit for its grant-making. 

The foundation will assess all grant requests in light of Flagstar’s corporate goals, community reinvestment activities, and employee board membership and volunteerism. To support diversity and inclusion, attention will be directed to nonprofits that serve ethnic groups, the LGBT community, the disabled, and veterans.

Charitable priorities include:

  • Apprenticeship and workforce readiness—Career development through educational partnerships, apprenticeship programs, vocational training, STEM initiatives, and small business development.
  • Arts and culture—Endorsement of community organizations which support visual, musical, and performing arts, art education, and exhibits.
  • Financial well-being—Support for groups dedicated to positive consumer financial education and well-being, such as homebuyer and credit counseling, financial literacy programs, and scholarships for low- to moderate-income students.


Community reinvestment activities include:

  • Economic development assistance—Business development and job creation programs benefiting low- and moderate-income individuals, families and tracts.
  • Special housing programs—Community-based programs fostering the rehabilitation and rejuvenation of economically distressed areas. These programs include affordable housing, new construction, rehab, and exclusive lending options with favorable terms for low- to moderate-income individuals and families.

Grant requests that do not fit within our charitable priorities will not be considered. 

For more information, or to submit a grant request form, please contact Beth Correa.

  • (888) 248-6423