Business Online Banking is improving! Enhanced functionality makes your online banking more efficient, while improved security features further protect your financial information.

Customizable Dashboard

You can now customize your experience by setting up workspaces with the tools you use most, like account balances and favorite reports. You can also select the layout option that best fits your style and further customize your dashboard with the convenient drag and drop feature. Additionally, the dashboard now includes the date and time of the most recent login attempt.

Business Online Banking Welcome Screen

Wire Enhancements

Streamlined Template Management

Managing wire templates is even easier. You can now search for applications and templates, run reports, and add, delete, and group templates. Repetitive and semi-repetitive templates can be grouped for easy recognition and efficient payment.

Business Online Banking - Manage Wire Templates Screen

You can now specify whether wire templates must be approved before using them for wire initiation, giving your company greater control.


Batch Wires

You can now select templates from a drop-down list or wire group, streamlining the wire initiation process.

Business Online Banking Wire Selection

ACH Enhancements

Some application names have changed to enable you to quickly identify them. Additionally, select field names, as well as their order, have changed.

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