Our Investment Sweep service transfers or 'sweeps' funds in excess of a preset target from your operating account into a specific money market fund, the Dreyfus Cash Management Fund.* With this investment solution, you have the flexibility to maximize investment potential while maintaining complete control over daily liquidity needs. Your money immediately begins earning interest and remains invested until it's needed to return your account to its target level.

Sweep transactions take place at the end of each day after all checks and other transactions have been posted. There's no balance monitoring, no phone calls, no manual funds transfers, and no paperwork, leaving you free to focus on other responsibilities.

Target Balance Management

Set a target balance in your concentration account, and excess funds will automatically be swept to your investment account until needed to offset disbursements.

Maintain Liquidity

An investment sweep service ensures that your funds are available to cover checks and other payments. Excess balances are swept into investments only after all checks and other debits have been paid for the day. Balances swept into the Dreyfus Cash Management Fund remain invested until needed to cover payments, in which case, only the required funds are returned.

Optimal Use of Cash

Every dollar not needed to support your daily cash requirements will be invested, earning you additional income.

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For more information about an investment sweep account or to apply, call (888) 248-6423.


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