Effectively manage cash flow.

Flagstar's Investment Sweep Service offers public entities an excellent way to sweep funds in excess of a preset target from their checking account into the Dreyfus Cash Management Fund.1

With a sweep account, you have the flexibility to maximize investment potential while maintaining complete control over daily liquidity needs. Your money immediately begins earning interest, and remains invested until it's needed to return your account to its target level.

  • Ensures target balance of funds are available to cover checks and other payments
  • Makes nightly sweeps of excess balances automatically after checks and other debits are paid
  • Maintains investments until they are needed to cover payments
  • Calculates interest from Dreyfush Cash Management Fund on a 365-day basis
additional information:
  • Inception Date: 09/04/1986
  • Leading Rating Agencies: Standard & Poor's AAAm and Moody's Aaa
  • Full compliance with state municipal and school investment laws
  • Fund seeks to preserve a $1 NAV
  • NASDAQ symbol-DTRXX