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Flagstar delivers financial services to over 400 Michigan municipalities and school districts. Our Government Banking team understands the unique financial demands of the public sector and offers a wide range of products to help government entities maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and invest.  

Certificate of Deposit

Lock in a guaranteed rate for a specific time. A CD is a favorable way for government entities to invest.

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Government Savings Account

Open a savings account where the higher the balance you maintain, the higher the interest you can earn (up to a maximum amount).

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Investment Sweep

Automatically sweep funds beyond your specified target balance from an operating account to a Dreyfus Cash Management Fund.

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Get the security of FDIC insurance on multi-million-dollar CDS with CDARS, the Certificate of Deposit Registry Service. 

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Government Checking Account

Take advantage of the convenience of a checking account with the interest-earning power of a savings account. 

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Treasury Management

Take a look at our extensive list of products designed to help monitor, manage, and protect your organization's cash position.

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