Account Reconciliation

Choosing Flagstar to help reconcile your commercial checking account helps maintain the integrity of your records and takes some of the burden off your staff. Both partial and full account reconciliation are available.

  • Simplifies reconciling your records with the bank’s information
  • Generates comprehensive reports of the data you need most
  • Streamlines back-office operations, reduces errors, and protects against check fraud

Positive Pay 

When you elect to use our Account Reconcilement Services you can take advantage of Positive Pay. This anti-fraud service matches check information at the time it is presented—notifying you of any discrepancies.

  • Reduces the possibility of check fraud significantly
  • Puts the decision of whether to pay a check or not into your hands
  • Saves valuable time by resolving issues quickly

ACH Debit Block 

This service provides stringent control of payment authorization and improves security against fraudulent activity. ACH Debit Block allows you to designate transaction parameters to provide ultimate account control.

  • Improves security against fraudulent activity
  • Gives you absolute control over payment authorization using custom transaction parameters
  • Detects and returns unauthorized transactions to originator