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Foreign Exchange

Stay ahead of foreign currency rate fluctuations to manage risk and strengthen your company's finances. 

Create your foreign exchange risk management roadmap

Reduce your exposure to foreign currency fluctuations with our foreign exchange (forex) risk management strategy.  We can help you can stay ahead of fluctuations in the currency markets and protect your profits.

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FX Spot Contract

Agreements to exchange currencies.

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FX Forward Contracts

Agreements to exchange currencies at a predetermined future date.

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Forward Window Contracts

Agreements to exchange currencies during a predetermined time period.

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Non-deliverable Forward (NDF) Contracts

Agreements to pay the difference between an agreed upon NDF exchange rate and the current spot rate at the delivery date

Ready to get started?

We offer customized solutions for risk management in areas like interest rates and foreign currency fluctuations. To get started, you can contact us based on your area of interest below, or fill out the form to send us an email. 

Foreign Exchange Risk Management Group

[email protected]


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