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Treasury Management

Our business treasury management services help simplify your daily operations, equating to lower costs and improved productivity across the board.

Focus on growing your business, not running it.

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Optimized liquidity

Take control of your daily position with real time access to your accounts, transactions, and balances.

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Improved cash flow

Improve treasury operations and drive performance through our comprehensive suite of solutions.  Automate data exchange through interconnectivity and embedded finance.   

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Enhanced security

Protect your company from fraud using innovative and AI driven technology.  Powerful decisioning tools built for real time notification and actioning for the ultimate protection on all payment types. 

Improve cash flow

Efficiently manage your cash flow and liquidity with zero balance accounts to consolidate funds, loan sweeps to optimize balances, and robust reporting for informed financial decisions.

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Accounts and sweeps

With many account types available, we will focus on evaluating your cash flow and establishing the account that fits your needs.

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Loan sweep

A loan sweep simplifies daily cash positions by automatically transferring excess funds to repay your line of credit and rebalancing from your line when more cash is needed.

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Information reporting

Access on-demand financial reports to help make informed business decisions.  Gain a deeper perspective into your business's finances, taxes, transfers, and transaction history.

Receivables management

Solutions to collect and manage your business's receivables, optimize your cash flow, and gain valuable insights into your accounts receivable status.

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Merchant services

Customizable merchant services and business management solutions that help you navigate challenges, scale operations, deliver value, drive efficiencies, manage risk, boost customer satisfaction, and optimize sales.

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Wholesale lockbox

Collect, process, and deposit customer payments sent through the mail directly into your Flagstar Bank business account. Better access to information regarding your receipts allows you to manage your inventory, credit risk, and liquidity positions much faster.

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Cash vault services

Flagstar Bank’s cash vault services offers online ordering, cash delivery, and reporting. We work with your choice of armored courier to save you time and reduce risk. Simply prepare the deposit, and we'll handle the rest.

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Remote deposit

Flagstar Bank's remote deposit lets you securely scan, submit, and deposit checks electronically using a desktop scanner and web app, reducing trips to the branch.

Payables and fraud management

Streamline payables and gain control over disbursements while protecting your accounts against fraud with our robust suite of payable solutions and fraud management services.

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Payroll services

Make payroll efficient by providing your business payroll tools, accurate processing, direct deposit, and expert support in a cost-effective package.

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ACH transactions & wires

Flagstar Bank's ACH and wire services simplify cash flow by enabling timely electronic payments, both domestic and international.

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Controlled disbursement

This check presentment service gives you a daily notification of cleared check totals—viewable through online banking, and allows you to avoid potential overdrafts and manage your excess cash.

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Commercial cards

Our card solutions are designed to meet a variety of commercial business needs, including purchases, travel, and accounts payable. We'll help you choose the cards—or mix of cards—that are the right fit for your business. 


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Account reconciliation

Flagstar Bank can reconcile commercial checking accounts through partial or full reconciliation, maintaining accurate records and reducing staff burden.

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ACH and Check Positive Pay

Flagstar Bank's Positive Pay fraud prevention service matches check information at the time it is presented—notifying you of any discrepancies.

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ACH debit block

ACH debit block lets you set transaction parameters for stringent payment authorization control that improves security against fraudulent ACH debit activity.

Online treasury services with Corporate Connect™

Access and control your finances from anywhere, with Flagstar Corporate Connect™, our Small Business and Commercial Banking online Treasury Management Service.