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Payables & Fraud Management

Gain control and peace of mind with our robust payable solutions and fraud management services.

Treasury Management services help simplify your business operations

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Improve cash flow

Optimize your cash flow and maintain liquidity with our suite of account and reporting solutions.

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Manage receivables

Collect, manage, and optimize your business's receivables and cash flow.

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Payables & fraud

Gain control and peace of mind with our robust payable solutions and fraud management services.

Payables & fraud management solutions

Streamline payables and gain control over disbursements while protecting your accounts against fraud with our robust suite of payable solutions and fraud management services.

Payroll Services

Make payroll efficient by providing your business payroll tools, accurate processing, direct deposit, and expert support in a cost-effective package.

  • Complete payroll processing, including deductions and withholdings for all US tax jurisdictions
  • Direct deposit, online statements, and flexible spending accounts for employees
  • Time and attendance reporting
  • Compliance services to help with government regulations and human resource laws
  • Payroll tax preparation and reporting, notification of tax liabilities and deposits
  • Calculation, filing, depository, and reconcilement of federal, state, and local payroll taxes

ACH Transactions & Wires

Flagstar Bank's ACH and wire services simplify cash flow by enabling timely electronic payments, both domestic and international.

  • Collect funds faster and reduce administrative costs with ACH
  • Safeguard against check fraud with ACH payments
  • Manage your ACH cash flow easily
  • Get same-day settlement of ACH funds and real-time updates on wire transfers
  • Send payments both domestically and internationally
  • Dual control for enhanced security

Controlled Disbursements

This check presentment service gives you a daily notification of cleared check totals—viewable through online banking, and allows you to avoid potential overdrafts and manage your excess cash.

  • Features same-day notification of disbursements reported through online banking
  • Provides automatic funding of your daily disbursement amount
  • Detailed reporting available in both initial and final presentment totals

Commercial Card

Our card solutions are designed to meet a variety of commercial business needs, including purchases, travel, and accounts payable. We'll help you choose the cards—or mix of cards—that are the right fit for your business.

  • Provides flexible controls by cardholder in order to prevent unauthorized purchases before they happen
  • Offers fraud prevention controls and insurance on transactions 
  • Visa branding offers worldwide acceptance at millions of locations/ATM’s
  • Offers fully automated reporting of all spending allowing enhanced visibility of totals, in addition to cardholder statements
  • Simplifies accounts payable process
  • Expense reporting available at no additional charge, including a mobile app/capture for reconciliation and receipt images
  • Reduces traditional payment type expense, while offering a rebate on your total spend

Account Reconciliation

Flagstar Bank can reconcile commercial checking accounts through partial or full reconciliation, maintaining accurate records and reducing staff burden.

  • Simplifies reconciling your records with the bank’s information
  • Generates comprehensive reports of the data you need most
  • Streamlines back-office operations, reduces errors, and protects against check fraud

ACH and Check Positive Pay

Flagstar Bank's Positive Pay fraud prevention service matches check information at the time it is presented—notifying you of any discrepancies.

  • Significantly reduces the possibility of check fraud
  • ACH Positive Pay puts the decision of whether to pay a check or not into your hands
  • Saves valuable time by resolving issues quickly

ACH Debit Block

ACH debit block lets you set transaction parameters for stringent payment authorization control that improves security against fraudulent ACH debit activity.

  • Improves security against fraudulent activity
  • Gives you absolute control over payment authorization using custom transaction parameters
  • Detects and returns unauthorized transactions to originator

Online treasury services with Corporate Connect™

Access and control your finances from anywhere, with Flagstar Corporate Connect™, our Small Business and Commercial Banking online Treasury Management Service.