Building communities and a lasting team.

John has been financing builders and managing teams for over 26 years. “I work with friends I’ve had for 10 to 20 years,” John says of his Denver-based team. “Homebuilder finance is a specialized industry, and I think we do it very well.”


Having worked in homebuilder finance for the bulk of his career, John is skilled at structuring complicated deals. For instance, one borrower needed $200M for a master planned community which included “town centers, schools…they were essentially building a city.” “I dug into their numbers and phasing plans and presented them with a platform that worked with their timeline,” he recalls. He also created a revolving line of credit that helped the borrower reduce costs over time.


“I love working with builders because they’re creating something,” he says. “I’m passionate about providing a service that at the end of the day provides homes and communities for people.”


This desire to help people carries over to his personal life as well. Brimberry, his wife, and his three children volunteer their time helping with initiatives at a local elementary school where 60% of the children are homeless.