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Franchise Finance

Our highly experienced national team is committed to understanding your business and supporting the growth of your franchise. 

Fuel the growth of your franchise with expert guidance and customized solutions

For decades, our national team has provided the highest level of execution, industry knowledge, and support. Look to Flagstar for financial solutions in core franchise segments, including QSR, fitness, and casual dining.

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What we deliver

  • Thoughtful solutions with a dedicated structure including origination, portfolio management, and credit risk 
  • Certainty of execution and a flat organization for swift and efficient decision-making
  • A deep understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities experienced by franchisees and chain operators
  • Insight and connections to help you achieve your growth potential
  • A full suite of treasury management services
  • Capital market capabilities, including underwrites and full syndications

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Key areas of focus

  • Leading transactions for growth-oriented, top-tier franchisees, franchisors, and chains
  • Entrepreneur-owned businesses, private equity, and other large outside investor transactions
  • Lead agent for multi-bank transactions or a sole lender backing a platform company for sophisticated franchisees with significant growth aspirations
  • A full suite of capital market offerings, including syndications, access to debt and equity markets, and interest rate risk management
  • Strong management and franchise model as key attributes in every deal