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Home Builder Finance

Tap into our expertise for financing interim construction and residential development.

Comprehensive financing for residential development

At Flagstar Bank, we specialize in creating residential construction lending solutions for commercial production homebuilder companies and land developers. With our strategic approach and extensive network of relationship managers, we can serve nearly every major market within the U.S. Our lenders pride themselves on fast underwriting, timely draws, and quick payoff quotes, ensuring that each financing process is expedient and efficient.

An essential part of our process is designing a full-service experience for developers or production homebuilders financing new construction. Our integrated business model uniquely allows us to offer:

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Construction and Development

Apply for a master revolving line to fund multiple projects or choose dedicated project solutions for subdivisions, lots, and residential housing.
  • Revolving guidance lines of credit
  • Borrowing bases
  • Finished lot financing
  • Master plan community development
  • Individual subdivisions or projects
  • AD&C project lending

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Deposit and Treasury Management

Optimize your working capital with customized services and products.

  • Cash and liquidity management
  • Payable solutions (ACH, wires, cards)
  • Fraud prevention (Positive Pay)

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Mortgage and Warehouse Lending

Establish a preferred lender mortgage program and warehouse line of credit.

  • Mortgage origination for individual housing units
  • Warehouse lines of credit for your mortgage company