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Sponsor Finance

We support top-echelon private equity firms investing in middle-market companies.

Innovative solutions for middle-market private equity firms

With over 50 years of combined experience, our team offers the highest level of execution, industry knowledge, and support in building a mutually beneficial relationship. We provide senior secured cashflow-based financing solutions for new platforms, add-ons, recapitalization, and growth.  High-value partnerships stem from our support, creativity and a robust relationship with you, the Sponsor.

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What we offer

  • A relationship-based banker with a dedicated team spanning origination, portfolio management, and credit risk focused on leveraged transactions
  • A responsive, flat organization with direct access to leadership
  • A focused team covering top sponsors from coast to coast
  • A full suite of treasury management services
  • Capital market capabilities, including underwriting and full syndication

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Key areas of focus

  • Private equity sponsor with a $200 million to $2 billion committed fund size
  • Being a significant partner while bringing our experience in a lead position. Our capabilities allow us to offer full syndications, access to debt, and equity markets, and treasury and rate products.
  • Relationship with the Sponsor covering the firm's and portfolio companies' needs from cash management, deposits, and debt.
  • Transaction values between $40-500 million
  • Strong management, leading market share with defensible operating models