Thank you for banking with Flagstar. This comprehensive guide answers questions about rates, check orders, ATM cards, account changes, online banking and much more — all the information you need to take full advantage of Flagstar services.


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What is Flagstar's ABA/routing number?

Where are the ABA routing number and account number on my checks?

Are my deposit accounts FDIC insured?

How does FDIC coverage work for customers with more than $250,000 on deposit?

What products can I apply for online?

Do you offer IRAs through the Internet?

What is the difference between a debit card and an ATM card?

My card was lost or stolen. Now what?

How do I order/reorder checks?

Can I view my account information at any time?

What is online banking?

What is mobile banking?

Can I get information about my account by telephone?

What is a stop payment and why would I need one?

How do I place a stop payment?

What does a stop payment cost?

How do I exchange U.S. dollars for foreign currency?

What is the difference between a residence and a mailing address?

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