Thank you for banking with Flagstar. This comprehensive guide answers questions about rates, check orders, ATM cards, account changes, online banking and much more — all the information you need to take full advantage of Flagstar services.


Open/Close all questions

Why are the ATMs changing and what are the new features?

Why isn’t my receipt in my email as I requested?

What are the preferences? Should I set them?

Do I need a different card or PIN at the new ATM?

Why did the card direction change?

Are all the new ATMs going to be envelope-free?

Do I still need to include a deposit slip?

When are deposits at the ATM available?

How do I transfer funds at the ATM?

How do I locate the closest ATM?

What are the fees for using an ATM?

Why doesn't the ATM accept all of my cash?

What are the advantages of using the ATM to make deposits?

Whom do I contact if my transaction did not successfully complete at the ATM?

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