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Switch Accounts to Flagstar

When you decide to make the switch to Flagstar, we'll help make the transition easy

With our switch kit, you will be able to close your existing accounts, change your direct deposits, and more.

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Open your Flagstar account

Open your new Flagstar account at any of our convenient branch locations.

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Start the switch and balance your account

With Flagstar's easy-to-use forms, simply fill in the information about deposits, bill payments, transfers, and withdrawals from your current account with the Start the Switch form. Use the Balance Your Account form to calculate how much money you will need to leave in your old account to cover any outstanding transactions.

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Set up direct deposit

Inform your employer if you wish to have your paycheck deposited directly into your new Flagstar account. Use our direct deposit form to notify your employer about a new banking account. For direct deposit of your social security benefits, visit to print the official direct deposit form. Automatic deposits also can be created for income received from other sources, such as retirement, alimony, or investment dividends.

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Establish bill payments

Why spend money on postage or worry about late payments? With our easy-to-use automatic deduction form, you can set up recurring withdrawals from your new Flagstar account. This service also is available through your online banking account.

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Track and close your old account

After you notify banks, vendors, and employers that your old account is closing, it normally takes six to eight weeks to shift transactions to your new account. During this time, use the Track Your Account form to track all transactions that you have switched to your new Flagstar account.


Use the Close Your Old Account form to let your old bank know you're closing your account. Be sure to wait until all outstanding transactions have cleared from your old account before filling in the form.