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Our Vision and Values

From the way we treat our customers to the way we treat each other, our principles and values serve as our North Star.

Who we are

Flagstar Bank is a collection of skilled bankers and lending experts who put the needs of customers first. We listen to their stories and learn about their goals, so we can provide the personalized solutions they need to succeed.


We take pride in making a difference – for our customers and our communities.


We’re committed to creating an exceptional banking experience founded in relationships, driven by service, and measured by results.

STAR values

As Flagstar continues to grow and evolve, it is building on the strong foundation of values present throughout all parts of the new organization.



The way we communicate with our colleagues and our customers says a lot about our company and culture. We are individually engaged in our work and committed to helping each other. We strive to do things right the first time, with the same level of service we expect and appreciate in return.



We provide our customers with substance, not lip service. Our relationships with them are built on a culture of mutual respect and transparency where our personal ethics, standards, and integrity are without compromise.



We live up to the commitments we make, to our work, to our customers, to our colleagues. We commit ourselves to putting action behind our words. Standing behind what we say and do is our standard. And we constantly look for ways to improve and plan for tomorrow.



The bottom line is always important. But we'd rather measure our success by how those numbers are achieved. We are always mindful of the impact we make in our customers’ and employees’ lives, our communities, and the obligations we have to every one of our investors.

Guiding principles

  • Hire great people who represent the diverse range of talents, experiences, and backgrounds of the communities we serve. Give them the tools to hone their skills and the opportunities to grow and achieve their potential.
  • Create a culture of acceptance and inclusion where everyone has a voice. Remove the "I" and put our hearts into the "We."
  • Ensure a personal, private, and secure banking experience.
  • Create financial products and services tailored to make a real difference to our customers and the communities where we all live and work.

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