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Multifamily Business

Supporting affordable living in world-class cities and beyond.

The Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Flagstar Bank, N.A., is a leading multifamily mortgage portfolio lender. While a significant share of the multifamily mortgage loans we originate are for properties in New York and New Jersey, where rent-regulated apartment buildings are a predominant housing type, the Bank is also a leading multifamily mortgage portfolio lender in Ohio, Florida, and Arizona. The Bank originated multifamily loans that were primarily secured by non-luxury residential apartment buildings that feature rent-regulated units and below-market rents.


Many of the neighborhoods in which the Bank originates multi-family loans can be considered areas of naturally occurring affordable housing and are primarily low- and moderate-income areas. In the last 11 years, the Bank’s multi-family lending in these neighborhoods represented 46% of total originated loans and 54% of total originated loan amount. And in New York City, where the bank originates a significant share of multi-family loans, lending in these neighborhoods represented 56% of the number of loans and 59% of the total loan amount.


The Bank is the second largest multi-family portfolio lender in the country and the leading multi-family portfolio lender in the New York City market, where it specializes in rent-regulated, non-luxury apartment buildings.  Over the course of our public life, we have produced multi-family loans totaling $115.5 billion, including $8.4 billion in 2022.

Multifamily Portfolio Statistics for the 3 Months Ended 12/31/22

  • We are a leading multifamily, rent-regulated lender in the New York Metro Region. Multifamily loans have been our primary lending focus for the past five decades.
  • 55% of loans held-for-investment (29% of originations)
  • The majority of loans are in New York City.
  • Weighted average LTV: 60.48%

NYCB-4Q22 Earnings Presentation

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