Get greater flexibility when making your payment. Our options1 include:


Pay by phone1
(866) 837-4539


Pay by mail
Flagstar Bank
P.O. Box 660263
Dallas, TX 75266-0263


Pay at nearest branch
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nearest location.


Automatic Payments
Set up monthly ACH
auto-debit payments.

1Making a payment online, by mail, or at a branch is a free service. You can also pay by phone, but please note an additional fee may apply.

MyLoans offers time-saving features to help you manage your loan.


  • Detailed loan information available to view, including balance, interest rate, payment due date, year-to-date interest, and year-to-date taxes
  • Loan payments can be made and scheduled at any time
  • Future recurring payments can be set up, so you never have to worry again about making your monthly loan payment on time
  • Online statement notifications can be sent to your email when your monthly statement is available
  • Ability to request your loan payoff amount


Use the MyLoans User Guide for assistance in setting up your MyLoans account.

You'll need your loan number to register for MyLoans. You can find your loan number on your monthly billing statement.

Your monthly mortgage statement is mailed out a few days after your payment posts to your account. If you’d prefer to receive electronic statements, you can sign up easily in MyLoans.

Want to know more about your monthly statement? Check out the Mortgage Statement Guide for additional information.

If you have an escrow account, Flagstar will manage it for you.  Your monthly payment reflects the amount needed to pay your taxes and homeowners insurance, and a review of your escrow account will be completed annually.

Additional information is available about Taxes and Escrow and Insurance.

Would you like to provide account access to another person? You can find our Third Party Authorization form and other helpful forms in the Loan Service Center.

Have a question that we haven’t answered yet?  Review our Loan Servicing FAQs for further information.

  • (800) 968-7700