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Club Savings

Start saving for your next trip abroad or holiday gift haul with our Vacation and Holiday Club accounts.

A smart way to save for holiday season and vacation expenses.

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No monthly fees

We won't charge you monthly fees for your account.

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Automatic transfers

Set-up automatic transfers at anytime to your club savings account.

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Arrives right on time

Receive your funds by internal transfer or check in mid-April for your trip or mid-October for holiday sales.

Club savings options for the most expensive times of the year.

Choose from these two unique accounts that make saving for your biggest annual expenses a breeze. Whether you're saving for your next trip or holiday season, these accounts help you stay on track to reach your goals. 

Prepare for the holiday season

Holiday Club Savings

Maximize your savings for holiday gifts and travel expenses with this account. You’ll receive a check for the full balance of the account mid-October each year.

  • No minimum balance requirement
  • No monthly fee, regardless of balance
  • Matures mid-October annually

Save for Vacation

Vacation Club Savings

Save big for your dream vacation or annual family trip with this account. You’ll receive a check for the full balance of the account mid-April each year.

  • No miminum balance requirement
  • No monthly fee, regardless of balance
  • Matures mid-April annually

Plan ahead for travel and holiday expenses.

Start saving today for your biggest expenses of the year. That way, when it comes time to book your dream vacation or buy holiday gifts for the whole family, you'll be more than prepared. Club accounts mature annually and you'll receive a check for the full balance in your account. 

Start saving. Open a savings account today.

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Visit a branch

We’ll walk you through it. Stop by the nearest branch to open an account in person.

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