Flagstar CDs features include:
  • Automatic renewal
  • $500 minimum balance required
  • A fixed rate remains the same for the entire term 
  • Ability to view principal and accruing interest online when you open a checking, money market, or savings account
  • Preferred CD Rates — Get higher CD rates by maintaining $5,000 or more in combined checking, savings, and money market accounts1
  • FDIC-insured account2
  • A 0.25% rate reduction on personal loans, home equity loans and lines of credit3

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1Excludes promotional accounts.
2FDIC insurance is up to the amount permitted by law.
3Subject to credit review and loan approval. Excludes mortgages.

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Preferred CD rates are available for customers who maintain $5,000 or more in combined checking, savings, and money market accounts.1

Certificate of Deposit Term APY* Get Started
30-89 Day 0.10% Open Now
90-179 Day 0.15% Open Now
180-364 Day 0.25% Open Now
12-17 Month 0.30% Open Now
18-23 Month 0.40% Open Now
24-29 Month 0.55% Open Now
30-35 Month 0.60% Open Now
36-47 Month 0.75% Open Now
48-59 Month 0.85% Open Now
60-71 Month 1.10% Open Now
72-83 Month 1.25% Open Now
84-95 Month 1.35% Open Now
96-107 Month 1.50% Open Now
108-120 Month 1.60% Open Now

Interest rates and annual percentage yields effective as of June 8, 2012. Please see Disclosures for additional details.

Certificate of Deposit Information:
Conditions for all certificates of deposit:
  • If you decide to withdraw a portion or all of your deposit before the end of the term, certain penalties will apply.
  • All Flagstar CDs are FDIC insured.
  • Minimum opening balance is $500.
  • Account fees could reduce earnings.
  • Not available for public units.
Transaction limitations:
  • You may not make any additional deposits into your account before the CD matures.
  • You may make withdrawals of principal from your account, with penalty and before maturity, only if we agree at the time you request the withdrawal.
  • You may withdraw interest any time during the term after the interest is credited to your account.
A penalty may be imposed on amounts withdrawn before maturity. If the Certificate of Deposit has a term of:
  • 7 to 29 days — The penalty we impose will be 7 days of interest, whether earned or unearned.
  • 30 to 364 days — The penalty we impose will be 30 days of interest, whether the interest is earned or unearned.
  • 12 to 29 months — The penalty we impose will be 180 days of interest, whether the interest is earned or unearned.
  • 30 months or more — The penalty we impose is the greater of 180 days of interest, whether the interest is earned or unearned. 

Please see the complete Disclosure Guide for additional details.

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