Any financial decision is important. One of the most important budgetary decisions you’ll face is choosing a home mortgage – in Grand Rapids, or wherever you decide to purchase a home. To make the right decision, you need a broad choice of options and expert guidance to help you select the perfect match for your budget and lifestyle.

Flagstar Bank offers a complete selection of home mortgage options, so you always have plenty of choices. Our Grand Rapids mortgage experts can help you match your goals for the home of your dreams to your budget, with a mortgage that’s an ideal fit, beyond consideration of just your income and expenses.

One wrong decision can wind up costing you thousands over the lifetime of your home mortgage. The differences between a VA mortgage and an FHA mortgage, 30 year or 15 year,  adjustable or fixed rate can seem minor, but the perfect match can mean a much more enjoyable, comfortable lifestyle in your new home.

We’ll make sure your selection is the perfect mortgage choice for you so you can move forward and buy your Grand Rapids home.

Click the "Get Started" button below and make the first step towards getting a Flagstar Bank mortgage. Once we have your initial mortgage application one of our expert mortgage advisors will contact you. From there we will help tailor the new home loan to fit your particular situation and your future goals. Whether you live in Grand Rapids, Michigan or anywhere else in the country - Flagstar Bank is able to help.

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