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Protecting Your Identity

How to bank online safely

Navigating a Competitive Housing Market

Convenience should never be a reason to give up your safety and security. Learn more about safe online banking with Flagstar Bank


When you bank online, you expect your personal information to be secure and safe from hackers.

At Flagstar, we do everything we can to protect you, prevent online banking fraud, and provide a safe online banking experience. From bank account fraud to identity theft, hackers are getting more sophisticated with their attacks. Not only are they finding new ways to gain access to your financial information, but they are also scamming people into opening up fake bank accounts. The best way to protect yourself is to be aware of the signs of fraud on your bank accounts and online. Be smart with these tips to prevent identity theft and practice a safe online banking experience.

With Flagstar, you can assure that your online banking experience will be safe and secure the minute you open an account. Get in contact with a banker and enter the world of safe online banking today.

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