Top Questions

Why were my payments applied late when I have an online bill payment service and the funds were deducted from my account on the fifth of the month?

Where should my mortgage payment be sent if I don't have a mortgage coupon?

Why was my mortgage sold to another lending institution?

What is SAFE Act?

If I pay $100 additional to the principal balance each month, when will my loan be paid in full?

Can I transfer my loan to a living trust?

I am recently divorced and want to remove my former spouse from the mortgage. How can I do this?

My credit report indicates a delinquent reporting on my mortgage. Why did this happen and can I get it removed?

Why was my home inspected and why do I have to pay the inspection fee?

Can I do a loan modification to reduce my mortgage payment?

Is there a prepayment penalty if I pay my loan off early?

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