Special Loans

When will my interest rate change?

When will I receive notification of the new interest rate and payment amount?

How can I get a fixed interest rate?

Does my loan have a fixed-rate conversion option?

Escrow Holdbacks

I have an escrow holdback. How do I get the funds released?

Who pays for the inspection once the repairs are complete?

Partial Releases

How do I release or sell a portion of my property?

How do I receive a partial reconveyance?

How do I receive an easement or mineral rights agreement?

How do I obtain a subordination agreement?

Balloon Resets

What will my interest rate be when my balloon resets?

Why is the interest rate higher than the rate on a new loan?

When can I lock in a rate?

Miscellaneous Questions

If I make a large principal payment, can I have my monthly payment amount reduced?

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