How do I notify Flagstar if I've been approved for a Homestead Exemption?

Where do I send my tax bill?

I live in Cook County, Ill. Do I need to forward my bill to you?

How do I notify you of an exemption or reduction in my tax amounts?

If I have any other questions about my taxes, who do I contact?


What is an escrow account?

What is an escrow analysis?

Can I waive my escrow account?

Can I set up an escrow account after I close?

Why did my payment change?

Why do I have a shortage in my escrow account?

How can I pay my escrow shortage?

Why do I have an escrow surplus?

Can you apply my surplus to my loan?

When will I receive my escrow surplus check?

What if my escrow check was lost or stolen?

My tax amounts have changed. Whom do I contact to update the information?

My insurance carrier has changed. What do I do?

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