VA 30-Year Mortgage

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Affordable home loan options for those who've served.

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VA 30-year Mortgage

Backed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, these exclusive loans feature fixed-interest rates, favorable loan terms, and no- to low- down payment requirements. Active-duty service members, veterans, and some surviving spouses may be eligible to finance 100% of the home price up to current conventional loan limits.


Features you'll love:

  • No down payment or mortgage insurance is required
  • Lower credit scores are allowed, so qualifying may be easier
  • No prepayment penalty for paying off your mortgage early
  • Easy online mortgage application

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Learn more about the home buying process. Finding the right home and the right mortgage helps set a solid foundation for successful homeownership. We have the mortgage tools, information, and expertise to help you with the decisions you need to make along the way.

1The APR calculation is based on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage in the amount of $240,000 for the purchase of a single-family, primary residence with 100% loan-to-value or 0% down payment, minimum borrower credit score of 740, and estimated finance charges of 2 points and $8,570. The APR is subject to change at any time and individual APRs may vary for loan purchases and loan refinances due to loan programs being offered, loan volume, or other factors.

A mortgage expert will review and provide you the terms, conditions, disclosures, and additional details on the interest rates that apply to your individual situation.