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Small Business

Custom-fit solutions for business goals that are anything but small.

Tailored to your success

Empower your business with personalized financial solutions to fuel your growth along every step of your entrepreneurial journey. 

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Treasury Management

Eliminate inefficiencies with powerful, secure, and customizable tools to streamline your transactions.

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Lending and Credit Cards

Give yourself the flexibility to do more. We'll help you find the right loan, line of credit, credit card, or a mix of financing solutions to fit your business needs.

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Everyday Banking

Choose from checking, savings, and money market account options for businesses of all types and sizes.

Alignment, stability, and a shared purpose

Work with a dedicated team that has an in-depth understanding of your financial goals. Our single point of contact culture prioritizes tailored responsiveness and personalized lending and banking solutions to meet your unique needs.

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Our client-centric approach

Explore our single point of contact culture.

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About the Private Bank

A legacy of personalized client service.

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How to get started

Let's explore the possibilities together.

Specialized expertise

At Flagstar Private Bank, we take a practical approach to our commercial banking services. We begin with a conversation between you and one of our dedicated private client bankers.