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Flagstar FLEX is an educational webinar series featuring dynamic industry experts. Your time is valuable, so we get to the heart of the conversation right away with an engaging presentation.

Eileen Lindblom


Please join this month’s featured speaker, Flagstar’s own Eileen Lindblom, SVP and Director of Non-Agency Lending, who will discuss our expanding non-QM products and their criteria in the marketplace. This information-packed presentation features relevant, trustworthy data from some of the best minds in the industry. Start here to lay the foundation for your business success.


Her presentation will cover these timely areas:

  • Exploring the nuances of Flagstar’s non-QM products through various borrower scenarios 
  • Uncovering new opportunities with specialty mortgage products
  • Building your tool chest to provide personalized solutions for all types of borrowers


Eileen Lindblom joined Flagstar Bank in 2018, first as head of residential mortgage-backed securities and non-agency lending then as director of non-agency lending. With over 25 years of mortgage banking experience, she has served in leadership roles at small and large institutions, such as Seneca Mortgage and UBS Investment Bank. She enjoys building and operating businesses, driving change, and exploring new ways to leverage her skills. Based in Tampa, Florida, Eileen serves on the board of directors of Dawning Family Services, which addresses housing instability and homelessness. She also likes to travel, sail, and spend time with her family.

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