Deposit accounts
Why am I seeing fees assessed on my accounts?
Why are my newly issued Flagstar checks being declined at some merchant locations?
What is Flagstar Bank’s routing number?
When will my Wells Fargo account move to Flagstar?
Will my new Flagstar accounts be similar to my current accounts?
Will I receive a new account number?
Will I receive new Flagstar checks?
What if I wrote a Wells Fargo check prior to December 31, and it has not yet posted?
Will my direct deposits continue?
Will my automated transfers continue?
My checking account has payments automatically deducted. Will these continue after my account moves to Flagstar?
Will my interest rate remain the same?
Will my overdraft protection service continue?
What about my deposit account statements?
Debit and ATM cards
Should I continue to use my Wells Fargo debit/ATM card to access my accounts?
Will I receive a new debit or ATM card when my account transfers to Flagstar?
Online and mobile banking
Can I continue to use Wells Fargo online banking right now?
Will I need to re-enroll in online and mobile banking at Flagstar?
Will pre-scheduled bill payments continue?
What happens to eBills that I have established through Wells Fargo Bill Pay?
Loans and lines of credit
What is my new Flagstar loan number?
Will there be any changes to my loan or other credit accounts?
Safe deposit boxes
Will there be any changes to my safe deposit box?
Branches and call centers
Where will I be able to bank? Will my branch still be open?
Will the customer service call center hours or phone number change?
Acquired branches
Off-site ATMs
About the acquisition
Which account types will be moving to Flagstar?
What happens if I have some accounts that are being sold to Flagstar, and some remaining with Wells Fargo?
How will this acquisition benefit the community?
How will this acquisition benefit customers?
Will the name of the bank branches change?
Is my branch banker moving to Flagstar Bank?
Is my financial advisor moving to Flagstar Bank?
I opened my Wells Fargo account at one of the branches being sold, but have since moved. What happens to my account?
Can I stay with Wells Fargo?
Will my deposit account(s) be covered by FDIC insurance?
About Flagstar
Who is Flagstar Bank?
Where does Flagstar operate?
How long has Flagstar been in business?
Is Flagstar a publicly held company?