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Let’s talk about what you can expect.

As you get ready to become part of the Flagstar Bank family, you should know that we see things a bit differently here than most banks do.

At Flagstar, you’re always much more than an account number. You’re a person, a name, a face — with a family, a business, and a unique set of dreams and goals for the future. We see you for who you are — and where you want to go — so we can tailor solutions for each of our personal and business banking customers.

We view ourselves not as bankers but as craftsmen — here with the skills, the dedication, and the tools to craft a brighter future for you. We're glad you’re here and we look forward to getting to know you. Welcome.


Visit flagstar.com/welcomewells
Call us at (888) 248-6423.
Stop by your local branch.

Mark your calendar.

Important dates
to keep in mind.

Now through November 30

  • Continue banking with your current accounts just as you do today.

The week of November 19

  • New debit or ATM card: All personal and business banking clients currently with an active Wells Fargo debit or ATM card and a deposit account moving to Flagstar will receive a Flagstar Debit or ATM card. Instructions for activating your card and setting up your PIN will be sent with your card. Please begin using your new debit/ATM card on Saturday, December 1.

The week of November 26

  • New checks: If you have a personal or business checking or money market account, you’ll be mailed complimentary Flagstar checks. Begin using your new checks Saturday, December 1.

Friday, November 30

  • 12 p.m. ET: Please discontinue use of Wells Fargo online, mobile, and telephone banking. Do not make, schedule, or modify any funds transfers, bill payments, wires, or other transactions after this time since they will not transfer to Flagstar. You can access accounts on Flagstar Online and Mobile Banking, and telephone banking, on December 3.
  • 3 p.m.: Wells Fargo branches that are becoming Flagstar branches will close at this time. Please plan ahead and remember to take care of any important branch activity before this time. Also be sure you’ve activated your new Flagstar Debit/ATM card and set up your PIN if you haven’t already.

Saturday & Sunday, December 1 & 2

  • Converting Wells Fargo branches will remain closed throughout the weekend.
  • Begin using your new Flagstar Visa® Debit or ATM card on December 1. Your Wells Fargo debit card or ATM card will no longer work for any accounts that moved to Flagstar.
  • If you’ve provided your current debit card number to a third party to authorize deductions from your account, please notify the third party of your new Flagstar Debit card number, expiration date, and security code.
  • Begin using your new Flagstar checks.


Some branch ATMs will be temporarily unavailable during the weekend as they’re converted to Flagstar. Other ATMs will be available all weekend long, including over 56,000 Allpoint and Presto! ATMs.2 For locations, go to flagstar.com/locations.

Monday, December 3

  • Branches will open on Monday morning as Flagstar Bank branches, ready to serve you with the same people you already know.
  • You can enroll in and begin using Flagstar Online Banking at flagstar.com or you can download the new online banking mobile app to get started. Be sure to download the app named Flagstar Mobile, which is the app compatible with your online banking experience.
  • Once enrolled in Flagstar Online or Mobile Banking, review your scheduled bill payments and re-establish any funds transfers and eBills. Enroll in eStatements. Set up your account alerts and card controls. Personal online banking customers may also enroll in Zelle® and start making instant payments to other people.
  • Access telephone banking by calling Flagstar’s 24-Voice Automated Phone System at (888) 248-6423. Follow the prompts to set up your telephone banking PIN.

Answers to questions

you may have.

Q. Why are my accounts moving to Flagstar?

A. In early June, Wells Fargo announced that it had agreed to sell 52 of its Midwest branches to Flagstar Bank. Many accounts belonging to customers at the branches being sold will also move to Flagstar.

Q. Why did Flagstar purchase these branches?

A. With roots in the Midwest, and its position as the best regional bank in the Midwest1, Flagstar is thrilled to be expanding its “crafted solutions” approach into Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Ohio. We’re bringing you the best of both worlds – a bank large enough to have the resources, products, and services you need to succeed and small enough to craft custom solutions for you.

Go online for more.

flagstar.com/welcomewells for:

  • Locations of the 52 branches being acquired.
  • Types of accounts acquired in the sale.
  • Types of accounts remaining with Wells Fargo.
  • More information about Flagstar.
  • Copies of communications sent to you.

Q. Why aren’t all of my accounts transferring to Flagstar?

A. Wells Fargo did not sell all accounts associated with these branches to Flagstar. Included in the sale are:

  • Personal checking, savings, money market, and CD accounts.
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).
  • Business checking, savings, money market, and CD accounts.
  • Unsecured personal loans and lines of credit.
  • Lines of credit and loans secured by CD accounts.
  • Lines of credit secured by other deposit accounts.
  • Auto, boat, RV, motorcycle, and other vehicle-secured loans.
  • Secured and unsecured business loans and lines of credit.

Q. I don’t live near one of the branches being sold; why is my account transferring?

A. You may have originally opened your account at one of the branches being sold. In addition, accounts opened online are typically assigned to a particular branch. If yours was assigned to one of these 52 branches, it would be included in the sale.

Q. How were my accounts matched to Flagstar accounts?

A. We’ve taken great care to match your current accounts to accounts at Flagstar that offer you similar features and benefits to those you enjoy today. Your satisfaction matters greatly to us. We’ll waive the monthly maintenance service charge for your Flagstar personal or business deposit accounts for 2 months. This will give you the time to see if your new account is the right fit for you, or to talk to us about other crafted solutions.

Can you tell me more about
Flagstar Bank?

Flagstar offers exceptional full-service banking and lending expertise with a distinctive, personal touch. We’re a $17.7 billion-asset community bank headquartered in Troy, Michigan. We’re the third largest savings bank in the country and the 5th largest bank mortgage originator. As of December 3, we’ll have 150+ branches in Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, and California at your service. Our team’s financial craftsmen possess skill and pride in their work that is reflected in their commitment to creating solutions tailor-fit for each customer.

Quick facts.

A look ahead.

Account numbers

  • In most cases, your account numbers for deposit accounts will remain the same. If your account number changes, we’ll let you know in advance in a separate, secure mailing.
  • Loans and lines of credit will be assigned new account numbers. You’ll receive a separate, secure communication with your new account number around the time of the transition.


Flagstar Routing Number

Flagstar Website

Flagstar Customer Service
(888) 248-6423


  • All personal and business checking and money market account holders will be mailed new checks in mid-November 2018 along with instructions for ordering more. Please begin using your new checks Saturday, December 1, 2018.
  • Please do not use your Wells Fargo checks after this date.
  • Wells Fargo checks written prior to December 1, 2018 that have not yet posted will be processed as usual through the end of the year.

Direct deposits

  • If you have direct deposit of Social Security, payroll, or other regular payments into an account that’s moving to Flagstar, your direct deposit service will continue uninterrupted.

Automated transfers and payments

  • You’ll need to re-establish any current automatic transfers between your accounts – both from within Flagstar or with a non-Flagstar bank. You can set these up at a branch, by phone, or online on or after December 3.
  • Any online bill payments you have set up from an account moving to Flagstar will transfer to Flagstar Online and Mobile Banking. You'll need to set up any eBills again. Keep in mind, you’ll need to take a few minutes and enroll in online banking December 3.
  • If you’ve provided your checking account number to a third party to authorize recurring payments/deductions from your account, you must provide the third party with Flagstar’s routing number (272471852). Otherwise, the payment will not be processed properly.

Deposit account statements

  • Your final deposit account statement from Wells Fargo will be mailed to you at the end of November – even if you currently receive a quarterly statement.
  • After December 1, statement cycles may change slightly, meaning statements may be sent on a different day than in the past.

Enroll for free eStatements.

Protect the environment while better protecting your account information. It’s a better way to receive your statements. Sign up via Flagstar Online or Mobile Banking, starting December 3.

  • You’ll receive statements for checking, savings, and money market accounts by mail even if you currently receive eStatements. Paper statement fees will be waived for 2 months to give you time to sign up for free eStatements if you wish. You can sign up for eStatements on or after December 3 once you have enrolled in online banking.
  • Statements will no longer be sent for certificates of deposit (CDs) or IRA CDs. You can always verify your interest rate and interest earned through online banking, mobile banking, or telephone banking.
  • All statements will be sent to the primary address we have on file for you. Multiple statements for an account cannot be accommodated. As always, please visit your local branch and let them, along with the Postal Service, know whenever there is an update to your mailing address. You can also update your address through Flagstar Online Banking.

Tax statements and other account documents

  • You’ll receive two tax statements for the tax year 2018. Wells Fargo will send you a statement for January through November. In late January, Flagstar will send you a tax statement for the month of December.
  • You may continue to receive information from Wells Fargo if you have any outstanding account maintenance or change requests, or accounts remaining with Wells Fargo.
  • You’ll be able to access statements and transaction history for up to 120 days after the transition of your accounts to Flagstar on November 30 at Wells Fargo online.

Interest rates

  • You’ll continue to earn competitive rates on your accounts. Our goal is to keep interest rates the same or similar for your checking, savings, and money market accounts.
  • CD rates are fixed for their term and remain the same until maturity.
  • Current interest earning accounts will no longer have the option to turn off the interest posting. Please visit a branch on or after December 3 to discuss available options.

Wire transfers

  • Please begin using Flagstar’s routing number, 272471852, for any new incoming wire transfers. Be sure to update the routing number on any wire transfers currently in place.

Safe deposit boxes

  • If you currently have a safe deposit box, everything will remain the same at this time.

FDIC Insurance

  • Your deposits are insured up to an aggregate of at least $250,000 by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). To find out more about FDIC insurance, please contact the FDIC directly at 550 17th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20429, or call its toll-free consumer hotline at (877) ASK-FDIC or visit its website at www.FDIC.gov.

Managing your account

Please see the enclosed Flagstar Disclosure Guide for information about:

  • Cut off times for making a deposit.
  • Posting order of transactions.
  • Funds availability.

Visit flagstar.com/welcomewells
Call us at (888) 248-6423.
Stop by your local branch.

Accessing your accounts.

Making life easy for you.

Flagstar Visa® Debit/ATM card

  • As a reminder, if you currently have an active Wells Fargo debit or ATM card connected to an account that’s moving to Flagstar, you’ll be mailed a new Flagstar Debit or ATM card in mid-November.
  • We’re planning to introduce a custom photo debit card option in the near future. We don’t currently offer this type of debit card.
  • If you currently have a Wells Fargo Campus Card or a Northern Michigan University Campus Card, you’ll automatically receive a standard Flagstar Debit Card as a replacement. You can keep your Campus Card since it can continue to be used — just not for transactions with any accounts moving to Flagstar.
  • While your new Flagstar Debit or ATM card will not work until Saturday, December 1, you should activate it immediately so it is ready to use beginning December 1. Use your Wells Fargo card until November 30.

IMPORTANT ACTION: If you currently use your debit card for recurring payments, provide your new Flagstar card information to all billers to avoid interruptions in payment. This should be done on December 1.

  • You can also re-load your new debit card into any mobile wallets you currently have set up, such as ApplePay®, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay™.
Card transaction limits
  • $1,000 per day for transactions where you enter your PIN, including ATM withdrawals.
  • Up to $5,000 per day for signature transactions or 20 signature-based point of sale transactions per day.
Around the corner and across the nation, surcharge-free ATM access
  • Beginning December 1, as a Flagstar customer, you’ll have free access to a network of over 56,000 Allpoint and Presto! ATMs across the U.S. and worldwide.2 Found wherever you go, like CVS pharmacy™, Target, Walgreens, Kroger®, Publix®, Safeway® and Circle K®. For all of our local, national, and international ATM locations, go to flagstar.com/locations.

Flagstar branches

  • Beginning December 3, 2018, you’ll be able to bank at 150+ convenient Flagstar locations – in Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Ohio. For locations, go to flagstar.com/locations.
  • Branch hours will remain the same, and you’ll continue to be served by people you already know.

If you currently bank online with Wells Fargo, you’ll receive separate communications in the mail in a few weeks with full details on how to enroll for Flagstar Online and Mobile Banking.

Flagstar Online and Mobile Banking

Flagstar Online and Mobile Banking offer a full suite of services to help you stay on top of your money. Here’s an overview of our online and mobile banking solutions for your personal and business banking needs.

Get 24/7 access and control over your finances with our online and mobile banking solutions
  • Review all of your deposit accounts, balances, and recent and pending transactions in one location.
  • Transfer funds to other Flagstar customers, to and from your Flagstar accounts and to and from your accounts at other banks.
  • Pay bills.
  • Receive bill alert reminders and recurring payment options so you never miss a payment.
  • Budget, track expenses, review spending, and monitor your financial relationships with over 17,000 financial institutions with MyWallet.
  • Send wires.
  • View check images and statements.
  • Use Zelle® to pay another person (for personal online and mobile banking).
  • Set up text and email alerts.
  • Freeze your card should it be lost or stolen with debit card controls. You can also place geographic limitations on where your card may be used.
Mobile apps give you even more on-the-go control
  • Check account balances without logging in.
  • Locate ATMs, branches, and loan centers.
  • Log in with TouchID on eligible iPhones and iPads. Use Face ID on iPhone X or fingerprint ID on select Android devices.
  • Mobile check deposit.
Bill pay
  • Receive, view, and pay bills online.
  • Receive email notifications when bills arrive.
  • eBills allow you to view bills and see the full details when you need them.
  • Set up a recurring payment for bills you pay regularly like your car or mortgage.
  • Avoid late fees and penalties by making next-business day electronic payments before the daily cut-off or sending overnight checks with the expedited payments feature. A fee may apply.
  • Payments will arrive on time and accurately, or we may pay any late fees (up to $50).
For small business customers – additional mobile and online features include:
  • Set up entitlements for other users to help manage your business accounts.
  • Initiate ACH and wires.
  • Small Business Bill Pay.
  • Quickbooks and Quicken.
  • Ability to see personal and business accounts together.
For our personal loan customers: Instant, online loan management through MyLoans

MyLoans is a secure, fast, and easy way for you to manage and make payments for your Flagstar loans online, at no extra cost to you. Enjoy 24/7 access to recent loan statements, year-end tax statements, and view detailed loan information when you need it.

  • Make an immediate payment or schedule a future one-time payment for your home loan or personal loan at almost any time.
  • Set up recurring payments so your loan is automatically paid every month on the date you prefer.
  • View detailed loan information including interest rate and payment due date, as well as your running transaction history, to help you track how and when your payments were processed.
  • View most recent monthly loan statement.
  • View year-end tax statements.
  • Receive notifications when your loan statement is ready to view in MyLoans.

Enroll in MyLoans on or after December 5 at flagstar.com/myloans.

For business customers with Treasury Management services
  • You should have received information separately about your transition to Flagstar Business Online Banking. If you have any questions, please call our treasury management team at (888) 757-1140.

Automated telephone banking

Beginning December 3, call our 24-hour telephone banking system (24-Voice) at (888) 248-6423.

  • Follow the prompts to set up your telephone banking PIN.
  • Customer Service Agents are available Monday-Friday: 7:30 a.m.-9 p.m. ET; Saturday: 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m. ET.
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Accounts and services

for your personal banking needs.

Personal checking

At Flagstar, we offer a range of SimplyYou checking accounts, designed to fit right where you are in life.

All checking accounts come with:
  • Online banking and bill pay.
  • Mobile banking with mobile deposit.
  • Free access to a network of over 56,000 Allpoint and Presto! ATMs worldwide.2
  • Overdraft protection.3
  • eStatements.
  • Debit or ATM card.
SimplyAccess Checking
  • If simplicity is key, this is the no-frills, non-interest earning account for you. You’ll have the ability to write checks, access your cash, and bank online, or with your mobile phone – even pay bills electronically.
SimplySelect Checking
  • If you usually keep a balance of $1,500 or more and want your deposits to earn interest, this is an account designed to help you save.
SimplyMax Checking®
  • This account offers all the bells and whistles, plus the opportunity to earn more, with an average balance of $5,000.

Savings, Money Market, and Certificates of Deposit

  • A great choice if you want to keep things simple. Earn interest with every deposit you make.
SimplyMax Savings
  • If you have this savings thing down, this is the account for you. In fact, the higher the balance you maintain, the higher your interest rate.
High-Yield Savings
  • If you typically keep a balance of $50,000 or more, consider High-Yield Savings. This account offers our most formidable tier of interest rates.
SimplyMoney Market
  • If you’re looking for an account that offers check access to your funds, consider SimplyMoney Market from Flagstar Bank. Account funds may be accessed by checks (unlike savings accounts) and offer competitive, tiered rates of interest. The higher the balance you hold, the more you’re able to earn.
Certificates of Deposit
  • Choose from a wide range of terms to earn more with competitive yields in the short term or long haul.


Best Regional Bank – Midwest
(2017, 2018) by Kiplinger’s
Personal Finance

Best Business Bank
(2017) by Michigan
Lawyers Weekly

Recognized as one of
Michigan’s best banks
(2018) by GOBankingRates

Named a
Servicing STAR™ Performer
(2015, 2016, 2017)
by Fannie Mae

The Best and Brightest Companies to Work For®
(2017, 2018) by
The National Association
of Business Resources

Additional opportunities

SimplyKids Savings
  • This is the one to choose if you’d like to teach your child the value of money, as well as the importance of saving for the future.
Education and IRA Savings
  • Whether you’re looking to save for your golden years or educational expenses down the road, Flagstar is ready to help you prepare for the future.
Personal Loans and Lines of Credit
  • Flagstar offers a variety of personal lending solutions for whatever you may need, including auto, boat, motorcycle, RV, and snowmobile loans.
Home Financing
  • Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit: If you require extra funds to help pay for big projects or unforeseen circumstances, Flagstar helps you tap in to the cash you need with a variety of home equity options.
  • Mortgages: With a wide range of mortgages, we’ll craft a home lending solution that’s perfect for you so you can make the move when you’re ready.

Crafting community.

Flagstar Bank has a 30-year tradition of investing in its communities. To focus and formalize its charitable giving, the bank has established the Flagstar Foundation as the conduit for its grant-making. The purpose of the Flagstar Foundation is to provide funding to support charitable causes within our key market areas. The Foundation’s focus is on providing grants to nonprofit organizations in the areas of apprenticeship and workforce readiness, art and culture, and financial education including homebuyer and credit counseling.

Accounts and services

for your business.

At Flagstar, you’ll find banking solutions that can be crafted for businesses of all sizes. Here’s just a sampling of how we can work to help you and your business succeed. Contact us on or after December 3 to learn more.

Business checking

We offer four levels of competitive business checking accounts to suit companies of all sizes.

Standard Business Checking
  • For small businesses in need of basic necessities, including streamlined online banking.
Enhanced Business Checking
  • For businesses that process a modest-to-moderate volume of monthly transactions and may need treasury management services.
Premier Interest Business Checking
  • For businesses or nonprofit organizations that process a moderate volume of monthly transactions, maintain higher balances, and would like to earn interest.
Business Analysis Checking
  • Ideal for businesses with high transaction volume looking for detailed monthly analysis and an earnings credit to offset fees.

Savings, Money Market, and Certificates of Deposit

Business Savings Plus
  • Crafted for simplicity and functionality, this account provides liquidity while maximizing earnings. Plus, you can rest assured that your business’s deposits are backed by the security of FDIC insurance.
Business Money Market Account
  • Enjoy easy access to your cash when you need to make a withdrawal at a Flagstar branch or ATM, write a check, or make an online transfer. Plus, with tiered rates based on your account balance, your interest rate will increase as your balance grows.
Business Certificates of Deposit
  • Choose from a wide range of terms to earn more with competitive yields in the short term or long haul.

Additional opportunities

Business loans and lines of credit
  • Build your business: Whether you need funding to help grow your business or working capital for the short term, our financial craftsmen can work closely with you to tailor the right financing solution. From business loans and lines of credit to SBA loans and more, we offer you personalized service and local, expedited decision making.
Flagstar Treasury Management services
  • Simplify daily operations: Our extensive suite of treasury management products and services is designed to help you effectively and efficiently monitor, manage, and protect your company’s cash in and out. For details, visit flagstar.com/treasury.
Commercial and industrial loans
  • Customized solutions: If you’re looking for solutions for working capital, equipment or acquisition financing, our highly experienced commercial team can work with you to develop customized solutions, based upon your business’s particular needs.
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Crafting a stronger tomorrow for you.

At Flagstar Bank.

We’re delighted to have you with us.

Let us know how we can help.

Beginning December 3, 2018

Please call our Customer Service Center’s 24-Voice at (888) 248-6423.

Customer Service Agents are available
Monday-Friday: 7:30 a.m.-9 p.m. ET.
Saturday: 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m. ET.

Or contact your local Flagstar branch or visit us at flagstar.com.

1 Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

2 Currency conversion fee may apply to transactions outside of the U.S.

3 Please read the enclosed Disclosure Guide carefully to understand the definitions, how fees will be charged, and for more information.