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Flagstar MortgageTech Accelerator

A national incubator program for mortgage fintech startups

This program delivers strategic guidance to fintech mortgage technology startups to accelerate product market readiness. One-on-one access to top industry veterans and unique product testing opportunities allow participants to evaluate the viability of future investments and/or partnerships.


Applications are now open for Flagstar Bank’s fifth annual MortgageTech Accelerator program. It is the first and only accelerator program in the United States solely dedicated to mortgage technology. The program is delivered entirely online and is open to any startup applicant who can participate in sessions that will be scheduled in the U.S.


It's easy to apply.

Please email your pitch deck and all questions to [email protected] by
April 15th, 2024.


Who should apply?

Fintech startups developing innovative solutions for the mortgage sector, including origination, processing, marketing, servicing, compliance, sales, underwriting, credit, and quality assessment.


How are candidates selected?

Criteria for selection include potential for technological innovation, prospects for growth, and CRA impact. Candidates will be selected in April, and the program will run from May through July.


What are the benefits of the MortgageTech Accelerator program?

Participants gain access to:

  • Partnering with an established national bank with over 35 years in the mortgage business
  • Technical assistance and knowledge-sharing with technologists from Freddie Mac
  • Customized curriculum based on current and future needs
  • Access to senior executive mentors from Flagstar with deep industry experience
  • Informal Q&A sessions with Fannie Mae
  • Informal sessions on compliance and regulatory strategies with attorneys from the Consumer Finance and Fintech practice at Sheppard Mullin, a leading, global law firm
  • Ability to test product/solution in a real-world controlled environment
  • Access to a wide network of potential customers
  • Potential for investment from Flagstar on successful completion of the program
  • Potential for a vendor relationship with Flagstar on successful completion of the program

It's easy to apply.

Email us

Please email your pitch deck and all questions to [email protected] no later than April 15th, 2024.

Previous MortgageTech Accelerator participants


Greenline, newly founded in 2023 and based out of San Francisco, CA. It is a collaborative software system that streamlines mortgage origination and underwriting for self-employed borrowers.

Calque Inc.

Calque Inc., based in Austin, Texas, was founded in 2021 to help take the stress out of buying a new home. With Calque, homebuyers can buy their new home before selling their current home, thus eliminating the need to find or lease temporary living space, store furniture, or pay movers twice. Calque works with well-established lenders to implement its solution.


Housetable, is based in Palo Alto, CA. The founders started Housetable with the mission to help homeowners get the most out of their home equity. the company leverages the power of AI to let the homeowner know what potentially their home will be worth post renovations as well as expected costs, timelines as well as curated list of improvements that are expected to bring the most value.