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Flagstar Home Loan Center in Troy, Michigan

Home Loan Center
3155 W Big Beaver Road
Suite 114
Troy,  MI 48084

Phone (248) 205-1035
Fax (248) 205-1044

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Our goal is to build better banking relationships, one customer at a time. At Flagstar, our banking team is committed to serving the Troy community as we believe customers prefer to bank in their neighborhood and with people they know. We can help you find the personal or business banking solution that's right for you. Just stop in or call us today.

Mortgage Experts in Troy, Michigan

Michael Brock, (NMLS ID 771017)
Michael Brock
NMLS ID 771017
(248) 205-1035
Nathan M. Steiner, (NMLS ID 771054)
Nathan Steiner
NMLS ID 771054
(313) 570-3121
Brian Barnes, (NMLS ID 771048)
Brian Barnes
NMLS ID 771048
(248) 841-9985
Kyle Guzowski, (NMLS ID 1512449)
Kyle Guzowski
NMLS ID 1512449
(248) 205-4313
Keith Kampe, (NMLS ID 771049)
Keith Kampe
NMLS ID 771049
(248) 205-4309
Pieter Mol, (NMLS ID 374131)
Pieter Mol
NMLS ID 374131
(248) 205-4306
Rafi Sabbagh, (NMLS ID 501221)
Rafi Sabbagh
NMLS ID 501221
(248) 205-4314
Steve Strobel, (NMLS ID 164405)
Steve Strobel
NMLS ID 164405
(586) 634-1261


Home Loan Center
Weekdays 8:30 - 5
Saturday By Appointment Only