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Our Approach

Your unique goals and values define every solution crafted by your Flagstar Private Bank team.

Focused on you, your family, and your business

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Flagstar Private Bank's approach is centered around a single point of contact banker who has access to lending, banking, and wealth solutions.

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Customized solutions

We maintain an independent, objective, and client-centric lens in each dimension of your relationship.

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Our focus is on your goals and getting you where you want to go.

Aligning the stars:
working with the Private Bank

We have built our business by developing relationships that last a lifetime. We do this by partnering with individuals, families, their businesses, and professional practices. 

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1. Discovery

We start by listening.

By taking the time to understand your objectives, goals, and priorities, we invest in finding the right services tailored to what matters most to you.

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2. Defining outcomes

Guiding your journey. 

Our relationship is founded on meeting your desired outcomes. From there, we can build a better plan with relevant guidelines and measurement.

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3. Building a plan together

A collaborative partnership.

Using experts across the bank. your plan is defined by tangible results, risk measurements, and time frames that reflect your short- and long-term goals.  

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4. Setting the plan in motion

The journey starts with a single step.

Balancing tax exposures in your portfolio and credit and market-driven banking opportunities, we focus on forging a solid, long-term relationship.

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5. Monitoring & Assessing

Personalized attention.

Your plan is never done. We commit to rigorous analysis and evaluation so that your plan is stress tested, and continuously reviewed and evaluated.

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6. Managing & Optimizing

Here for your tomorrow.

As the needs of your family or business change, our services adapt to bring insight and expertise when and where you need it.

Alignment, stability, and a shared purpose

Work with a dedicated team that has an in-depth understanding of your financial goals. Our single point of contact culture prioritizes tailored responsiveness and personalized lending and banking solutions to meet your unique needs.

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Our client-centric approach

Explore our single point of contact culture.

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About the Private Bank

A legacy of personalized client service.

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How to get started

Let's explore the possibilities together.

Flagstar Private Bank: 
A client-first culture

Alignment, stability, and a shared purpose define the guidance and management you can expect from us.

Working with the Private Bank

Your unique financial objectives and the specific conditions and requirements of your financial goals come first. Through a dedicated banker, we bring experience, acumen, and responsiveness to work for you.

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