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Business Credit & Lending

Find the financing solution that's right for your needs and goals, with Flagstar's industry-specific expertise and deep resources on your side.

Credit and lending solutions
designed for your business

Flagstar offers term loans, lines of credit, and experience across a range of industries to help you achieve your company's financial goals.

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Working Capital Solutions

Using Flagstar’s insights and products can help control and manage accounts receivable, inventory and accounts payable to unlock hidden cash flow to enable a wide range of opportunities.

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Expansion, Merger and Acquisition

Expansion, mergers and acquisitions can help companies increase their size, increase market share and reach new markets. However, this strategy may not be a fit for every company and needs to be planned carefully.

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Asset-Based Lending

Leverage your company's existing assets to bridge working capital cycles, support growth, or provide ongoing liquidity with an asset-based lending solution tailored to your needs. 

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Interest Rate Risk Management

Our dedicated team of financial craftsmen offers interest rate risk management solutions that fit your needs.

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Syndicated loans offer growing middle market businesses one-stop access to more capital than traditional loans and diversify lender relationships.

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Capital Markets

Providing certainty of execution to our customers to meet their corporate finance needs. 

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Foreign Exchange

Stay ahead of foreign currency rate fluctuations to manage risk and strengthen your company's finances. 

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Global Trade Services

Flagstar Bank offers a comprehensive suite of Trade Finance services through a reliable and secure single access point to support the domestic and international business activities of our clients.

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Real Estate Finance

Our teams are ready to be your trusted partner, offering years of expertise and flexible financing solutions to office, retail, industrial, and multifamily residential properties.


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Mortgage Finance

We're an experienced lender who can structure complex business, warehouse, and industrial financing with a keen focus on your business needs.

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Commercial Banking

Expertise, acumen, and bespoke solutions to accelerate your company’s goals and aspirations.

Alignment, stability, and a shared purpose

Work with a dedicated team that has an in-depth understanding of your financial goals. Our single point of contact culture prioritizes tailored responsiveness and personalized lending and banking solutions to meet your unique needs.

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Our client-centric approach

Explore our single point of contact culture.

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About the Private Bank

A legacy of personalized client service.

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How to get started

Let's explore the possibilities together.

Specialized expertise

At Flagstar Private Bank, we take a practical approach to our commercial banking services. We begin with a conversation between you and one of our dedicated private client bankers. 

Working with the Private Bank

Your unique financial objectives and the specific conditions and requirements of your financial goals come first. Through a dedicated banker, we bring experience, acumen, and responsiveness to work for you.

Private Bank Brochure