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Our Business Overview

We've built a balanced, scalable business model that can thrive in any business environment.

Market presence

Flagstar Bank, N.A. operates 395 branches across nine states, including strong footholds in the Northeast and Midwest. We are also a leading national originator and servicer of mortgage and other consumer loans, handling payments and record keeping for $346 billion of loans, servicing 1.4 million borrowers.

Location type:

Bank branches & home lending offices

Home lending offices

Our business model

Our relationship-based business model leverages our full-service bank’s capabilities and our national mortgage platform to create and build financial solutions for our customers. The model is based on reliably generating strong, sustainable earnings in a variety of interest-rate environments. Our mix of businesses is deliberately countercyclical. When interest rates are declining, our fee-income businesses such as mortgage originations combined with our warehouse lending business are able to more than offset the declines experienced in net-interest margins. 

Conversely, in a rising rate environment, we see strength in our commercial and consumer lending businesses.

The constant in all of this is our subservicing business, which produces consistent and predictable earnings in any rate environment. 

The final piece of the puzzle is to have the necessary scale and the right balance. With our recent acquisitions, we are now a full-service bank with a large, full-service mortgage business which can generate significant earnings and capital under the right economic conditions. This scale and balance enable us to be successful in a multitude of economic environments.

Business highlights*

  • $6.6 billion in market capital
  • 11.66% total risk-based capital ratio (Bancorp)
  • $90 billion in assets
  • 7,500 employees nationwide

*as of 12/31/22

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