Online banking
What accounts are available for online banking access?
What can personal online banking do for me?
How do I set up my account?
How do I log in to view my account?
What is the difference between my current balance and my available balance?
What is the new secure messaging feature?
What frequencies can be set up for recurring Flagstar-to-Flagstar funds transfers?
Can I pay down my ODLOC account to a zero balance?
What kind of alerts can I set up?
Can I have alerts shut off during a specific period of time, i.e. when I sleep?
How do I set up mobile banking?
How do I use Quicken or QuickBooks with online banking?
Pending transactions
What are pending transactions?
Where are my pending transactions located?
Bill pay
What is bill pay?
Are there any fees to use bill pay?
How do I enroll in bill pay?
Money transfers
What types of transfers do you offer?
What is Transfer between my accounts?
What is the minimum amount I can transfer using Transfer between my accounts?
What is Pay other people (Popmoney)?
How do I set up Popmoney?
Online statements
Are eStatements available?
Enhanced security
What is verification code?
What happens if you log in from a different computer?
Mobile banking
What is mobile banking?
How do I register for mobile banking?
May I use Flagstar's mobile banking if I don't have a Flagstar online banking username?
Which services does mobile banking1include?
What is text banking?
What are the keywords for text banking?
What are instant balances?
Is there a fee to use Flagstar's mobile banking?
I keep getting locked out of my account when I try to log in on my mobile phone. Why doesn't it accept my login information?
What does "standard text and data rates may apply" mean?
Can I download an app for my iPad?®
Can I download an app for my Android tablet?
Will the locator service show me locations where I can access fee-free ATMs?
Mobile check deposit
Can I deposit checks using my smartphone or tablet?
Is there a fee to use mobile check deposit?
What are my daily deposit limits?
Will I have any funds available immediately after depositing a check?
What happens if I attempt to deposit a check that is non-eligible for mobile deposit, like an international check?
What happens if I accidentally deposit the same check twice?
How many days of check deposit history can I see?
How long should I keep my deposited checks?
Why am I not able to access mobile deposit?
What are tips for taking a good photo of your check?
What are items that are ineligible to be deposited?