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Mortgage Servicing & Transfer Center

Get ready for award-winning loan servicing designed around you.

Welcome to Flagstar

If your mortgage has recently moved to Flagstar, you’re in good hands. We’re an award-winning lender servicing 1.4 million borrowers, and we have the experience to handle your home loan with the utmost care. Visit this page anytime to find your new loan number, get tips for managing your loan online, and find answers to your questions.

Welcome to Flagstar, your new mortgage servicer.


You’re probably wondering what it means that Flagstar will soon be your mortgage servicer.


Here’s how it affects you and your home mortgage.

Your prior mortgage lender may have already sent you a letter informing you that Flagstar will soon be your mortgage servicer.


That letter will provide you with payment information so that you know when to send your payments to Flagstar and what address to use.


After your mortgage service is transferred, please send all mortgage payments directly to Flagstar. Do not send any further payments to your prior servicer.


To help ensure a smooth transition, you will not be assessed a late fee or negatively reported to any credit agencies for 60 days following your transfer date.


Your transfer date can be found in the transfer letter you will receive from Flagstar.


We will mail your first mortgage billing statement shortly thereafter.


Your statement will provide instructions on how to make your first payment.


After that, regular monthly mortgage statements will be delivered to you.


The easiest and most secure way to manage your mortgage is online through MyLoans. You’ll be able to sign up a few days after your transfer date, where you can enroll in free automatic payments, and paperless statements.


You’ll also have access to a history of billing and tax statements, escrow information, as well as a comprehensive FAQ section that can answer any of your questions about Flagstar.


You’ve invested a lot of time and effort into your home, whether you have recently completed the purchase process or have lived in your home for years. We look forward to being your partner in managing your mortgage.


Sign up to access your account at

Here’s how your upcoming payments will work

As soon as your loan is fully boarded, sign up for MyLoans to manage your loan online at your convenience. With this free service, you can make a single payment, set up automatic payments, and view important mortgage documents anytime.


We’ll mail your first billing statement within 10 days of your loan transfer. Did you already send a payment? Don’t worry. Your previous loan servicer will forward it to us.


We will not charge late fees or report late payments to credit agencies for the first 60 days following the effective date of your loan transfer.

Manage your loan your way with MyLoans®

Sign in to MyLoans anytime to make payments, view your statements, sign up for paperless statements, and more. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. 

Find your new loan number here
Use this secure form to look up your new Flagstar loan number. Before you get started, make sure you have your previous loan number and the last 4 digits of the primary or secondary borrower's Social Security number.
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Mortgage transfer FAQs

Have a question about your loan transfer? Find the answer here. 

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Automatic payments

Schedule payments in MyLoans. Sign up for MyLoans.

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By mail

Flagstar Bank
P.O. Box 660263
Dallas, TX 75266

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By phone


Mortgage servicing transfers occur when the servicing of a loan is sold or transferred from one institution to another. The terms of your loan do not change; however, Flagstar will now collect your payments, manage escrow accounts, and provide customer service.


The sale and transfer of mortgages is common in the mortgage industry and is in no way a direct reflection of you or the quality of your loan. The changes affecting you will be your loan number and payment address after the transfer date. You can look your new loan number up here, or find it on the welcome email or Notice of Transfer letter you received.


Please note: Due to the time it takes for systems to update from your previous servicer, your loan information will be recognized by our systems typically within 5 days after the transfer date. For exact timing, please see your Notice of Transfer letter, welcome email, or call (800) 968-7700.

If you currently have an escrow account for your tax and/or insurance payments, they will be transferred to Flagstar and continue to be collected and paid. We typically run our escrow analyses annually based on your property tax payment schedule. Occasionally, the payment of taxes or insurance causes an adjustment in the escrow account balance, and it may be necessary to perform more than one analysis during the year.

It depends on the loan and your previous loan servicer. For many mortgage customers, automatic payments continue for 60 days after the loan is transferred to us, but that’s not always the case.


To make sure your automatic payments continue, sign into MyLoans. There, you can confirm your automatic payments or enter your bank information to set them up with us. You can sign up for MyLoans here.

Yes. As your new servicer, Flagstar is here to ensure a smooth transition to our platform. Regardless of when your forbearance plan period is scheduled to end, we will automatically keep your forbearance protection in place for 90 days after the date of loan transfer.


Of course, you can opt-out of the forbearance at any time, and if your current plan extends beyond that 90-day time period, it will be honored as offered. After your loan has arrived at Flagstar, we will send you a forbearance plan confirmation letter.