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PerfectHealth Savings

Save for healthcare expenses with PerfectHealth Savings, a health savings account that complements your high deductible health plan.

Get 3 tax advantages from a health savings account (HSA) like PerfectHealth Savings.

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Advantage 1: No tax on HSA contributions

Contribute up to the IRS maximum for individuals or families. If you're 55 or older, you can save an extra $1,000.1

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Advantage 2: No tax on HSA growth

Sit back and watch your interest and investment earnings grow tax free.1

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Advantage 3: No tax on distributions

Pay for qualified medical expenses tax-free.1 That's what we call a win-win-win.

Feel your best now and in retirement with PerfectHealth Savings.

If you have a high deductible health plan, PerfectHealth Savings is a smart way to offset your healthcare costs. Use it now or save it for your golden years when these costs are often higher. Invest in your future health today with a tax-sheltered strategy for staying well.

  • For qualified medical, vision, dental, and prescription drug costs (defined in IRS Publication 502)
  • Moves with you if you change employers
  • $1 minimum deposit to open
  • Earn interest with a $500 minimum daily balance
  • Flagstar Visa® Debit Card2

Bank on the go with Mobile Banking.3

Mobile Banking lets you pay bills, move money, deposit checks,4 and much more. Add this easy-to-use app to your Android or iPhone and manage your money on your schedule.5

Start saving. Open a savings account today.

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We’ll walk you through it. Stop by the nearest branch to open an account in person.

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Grow your savings with 5.55% APY6 guaranteed for the first 5 months.

1Please consult a tax or legal expert for advice.