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Receivables Management

Collect, manage, and optimize your business's receivables and cash flow.

Treasury Management services help simplify your business operations

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Improve cash flow

Optimize your cash flow and maintain liquidity with our suite of account and reporting solutions.

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Manage receivables

Collect, manage, and optimize your business's receivables and cash flow.

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Payables & fraud

Gain control and peace of mind with our robust payable solutions and fraud management services.

Receivables management solutions

Solutions to collect and manage your business's receivables, optimize your cash flow and gain valuable insights into your accounts receivable status.

Merchant Services

Customizable merchant services and business management solutions that help you navigate challenges, scale operations, deliver value, drive efficiencies, manage risk, boost customer satisfaction, and optimize sales.

Merchant Services by Clover

  • Method of payment acceptance
  • Funding services
  • Payment terminals
  • Internet commerce and electronic payment solutions
  • Authorization services
  • Third-party integration and POS software

Wholesale Lockbox

Collect, process, and deposit customer payments sent through the mail directly into your Flagstar Bank business account. Better access to information regarding your receipts allows you to manage your inventory, credit risk, and liquidity positions much faster.

  • Features same-day image and deposit reporting
  • Operates from extensive nationwide network
  • Synchronizes with your accounts receivable system
  • Includes document imaging capabilities
  • Features same business day deposit/next business day availability
  • Includes check, envelope, remittance, and correspondence imaging

Cash Vault Services

Flagstar’s cash vault services offers online ordering, cash delivery and reporting while working with your choice of armored courier, saving you time and reducing risk - just prepare the deposit and we handle the rest.

  • Includes armored courier service for cash vault deposits
  • Eliminates time-consuming trips to the branch
  • Provides a safer alternative to employees making cash deliveries
  • Offers accurate deposit processing
  • Saves time when placing cash orders

Remote Deposit

Flagstar's remote deposit lets you securely scan, submit, and deposit checks electronically using a desktop scanner and web app, reducing trips to the branch.

  • Balance deposits automatically
  • Eliminate costly trips to the branch
  • Increase funds availability
  • Reduce banking time

Online treasury services with Corporate Connect™

Access and control your finances from anywhere, with Flagstar Corporate Connect™, our Small Business and Commercial Banking online Treasury Management Service. 

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