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Improve Cash Flow

Optimize your cash flow and maintain liquidity with our suite of account and reporting solutions.

Treasury Management services help simplify your business operations

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Improve cash flow

Optimize your cash flow and maintain liquidity with our suite of account and reporting solutions.

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Manage receivables

Collect, manage, and optimize your business's receivables and cash flow.

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Payables & fraud

Gain control and peace of mind with our robust payable solutions and fraud management services.

Cash flow solutions

Efficiently manage your cash flow and liquidity with zero balance accounts to consolidate funds, loan sweeps to optimize balances, and robust reporting for informed financial decisions.

Accounts & Sweeps

With many account types available, we will focus on evaluating your cash flow and establishing the account that fits your needs.

  • Aggregate collected funds together with a zero-balance account.  Boost efficiency and cut expenses with automated transfers needed to fulfill payment obligations.
  • Boost earnings potential with savings accounts
  • Secure your funds by utilizing an Insured Cash Sweep account 

Loan Sweep

A loan sweep simplifies daily cash positions by automatically transferring excess funds to repay your line of credit and rebalancing from your line when more cash is needed. 

  • Reduces interest build-up on your line of credit by utilizing excess operating account balances
  • Automates daily cash position determination and transfer decisions
  • Transfers funds from line of credit to deposit account the next day to maintain target balance, if necessary

Information Reporting

Access on-demand financial reports to help make informed business decisions.  Gain a deeper perspective into your business's finances, taxes, transfers, and transaction history. 

  • Offers custom reports on demand—via computer, phone, or tablet
  • Enables you to transfer funds and view transactions
  • Makes it possible to facilitate payments of federal and state taxes, bills, and stop payments
  • Allows you to export data to accounting systems or directly to QuickBooks® and Quicken®

Online treasury services with Corporate Connect™

Access and control your finances from anywhere, with Flagstar Corporate Connect™, our Small Business and Commercial Banking online Treasury Management Service.